Water Heater Repair & Plumbing Repair in Albany, New York

Update your hot water heater and save money on your utility bills. At J & M Schwarz Heating & Cooling, Inc., in Albany, New York, we provide water heater and plumbing repair as well as new installations.
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High-Efficiency Hot Water Heaters
Save money by letting our experts install a high-efficiency hot water heater in your home. We also sell tankless water heaters, ensuring that you don't have to keep the water running for it to warm up.

Water Heater Repairs
Full service is available on all types of hot water heaters, including repairs to the burner assembly and valves. If your unit is irreparable, we will make our best suggestions for a new, efficient model, without trying to sell you something you don't need.

All hot water heaters come with a manufacturer's warranty, and we use the top brands you can trust.

Plumbing Repair
Minor repairs to your plumbing are no problem for our highly skilled technicians. Services include replacing faucets and drains.
Combi 1 Single Wall in Albany, NY
Combi 2 Double Wall in Albany, NY
Combi 1 Single Wall in Albany, NY
Combi 2 Double Wall in Albany, NY
Contact us today, in Albany, New York, for more information about our hot water heater repairs.